Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) Methodology

Questions and Answers

DCAF DocumentsVersionLast Update
Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations Baseline StudyEnglishFrançaisJuly 2018
Baseline Study Findings (one-pager flier)EnglishFrançaisEspañolOctober 2018
Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) Assessment – Main Challenges (one pager flier)EnglishFrançaisFebruary 2020
DCAF MOWIP Barrier Assessment MethodologyEnglishOctober 2020
DCAF MOWIP ToolboxEnglishOctober 2020
Components of Barrier Assessment AgreementEnglishApril 2020
The ten issue areasEnglishNovember 2020
DCAF, Cornell and SACCORD 2020 Implementing MOWIP with Zambia Police ServiceEnglishApril 2020
DCAF, UN Women and OSCE/ODIHR Joint PublicationVersionLast Update
Gender and Security Toolkit – a set of 9 tools and a series of short Policy Briefs, including:EnglishDecember 2019
Tool 1. Security Sector Governance, Security Sector Reform and GenderEnglishFrançaisУкраїнськаDecember 2019
Tool 2. Policing and GenderEnglishУкраїнськаDecember 2019
Tool 3. Defence and GenderEnglishDecember 2019
Tool 15. Integrating Gender in Project Design and Monitoring for the Security and Justice SectorEnglishDecember 2019
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