Project description:

The proposal from UN Women Niger, in collaboration with the Niger MOI and MOD, combines a barrier assessment and project funding. The project funding seeks to address identified barriers such as the low participation of women in the military and police and socio-cultural aspects based on gender stereotypes that affect women’s recruitment, training and career advancement in security institutions. The project aims to further identify the barriers and their causes and solutions but also addresses previously identified barriers by establishing a roster of women military and police for deployment to peace operations and increasing the recruitment of women within the Niger Armed Forces, Gendarmerie and Police. 

The flexible project funding proposal will deliver the following outputs:

  1. Combined Barrier assessment in the armed forces and police through the DCAF MOWIP.
  2. A study on women’s interest and motivation in taking up a career in national uniformed services.
  3. Development of a policy for gender equality in the police and armed forces.
  4. Establishment of a roster of 40 female soldiers and 100 female police officers for deployment to peace operations.
  5. Recruitment outreach to 10,000 women through a public information awareness campaign.
  6. Capacity building and training support for 200 women during the recruitment process with an aim of a 10% increase in the armed forces and 15% in the police (baseline 4.69% women recruited in the military in 2020; 5% women recruited in the police 2019).
  7. Training of 100 women police on AMS SAAT and 40 women officers on civil-military cooperation, engineering, signals etc.
  8. Planned increased deployments of women, subject to DPO operational requirements, to 5% military troops (baseline 0.55% Jan 2021), 23.5% military observers and staff officers (baseline 11.7% Dec 2020) and 50%  individual police officers (baseline 37% Dec 2020).

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