Project description:

Jordan’s project is to construct a dedicated Women’s training and accommodation facility, with a training capacity of 72 trainee women police and an accommodation capacity for 32 women police.

Construction of this facility – identified as a significant barrier by Jordan’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) to be able to increase women’s participation in UN peace operations, will enable the PSD to train and qualify women police officers in administrative and leadership roles necessary to deploy on UN peace operations as well as increasing the capacities of women in the Jordanian PSD.

Outcomes of this project will enable the PSD to:

  • Increase the numbers of uniformed women peacekeepers who deploy to UN missions
  • Increase the pool of uniformed women who are eligible to deploy as UN Peacekeepers

Jordan’s project will also establish training capacity for gender responsive security sector reform in Jordan – where due to cultural requirements and norms, much training remains segregated. The additional training and capacity provided through the project, with male and female facilities to be situated in the same training estate, will also help to achieve greater gender parity between male and female officers.

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