Project description:


This project will involve the conduct of a comprehensive barrier assessment on the Togo Police using the DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) barrier assessment methodology with the outcome being the expanded knowledge of barriers to the participation of women in the national police and deployment to UN peace operations. By implementing a MOWIP assessment, this project will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Expand country-specific knowledge on barriers to deployment of uniformed women police officers to UN peace operations;
  • Use the results of the barrier assessment to develop strategies and activities to address the barriers to women’s participation in the police and deployment to UN peace operations;
  • Provide information and data essential to the development of policies and strategies to promote gender equality within the security services.

Armed Forces

The Togolese Armed Forces (FAT) aims to reduce disparities related to the representation of women in terms of numbers and decision-making nationally and to increase their deployment to peace operations. At the end of the project, the number of female personnel in the FAT will increase from 6% to 10% and their participation in peace operations will double from 6.91% to 14.62% in 2023 (baseline 2020). 

The project funding will be used to :

  1. Conduct a barrier assessment study and establish a monitoring and evaluation system to women’s participation in peace operations.
  2. Develop a policy on gender equality within FAT, review rules and regulations accordingly and implement a five-year plan for the recruitment and training of women in the FAT. 
  3. Establish and operationalize the gender office within the Ministry of the Armed Forces, gender units within the army and central directorates and a gender section in each military sector.
  4. Increase the number of female personnel in the FAT to 10% by 2023 (baseline 6% in 2020) through a recruitment campaign (communication strategy and production and dissemination of multimedia materials) 
  5. Training and support for 400 women in writing applications and training for entrance exams to the FAT. 
  6. Establish a pool of 300 female soldiers eligible for deployment to peace operations, build their capacity and prepare them for deployment.
  7. Grant to 50 women annual training scholarships and specialization courses in military studies and peace operations.
  8. Construct accommodations for women at the national school for non-commissioned officers and national training center (56 beds). 
  9. Double the participation of women in peace operations to 14.62% from 6.91% (military observers 60%; staff officers 18% ; and troops 14%) by 2023. 
  10. Honor male and female champions who have distinguished themselves in the protection of women’s rights.

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