Project description:

UNIFIL’s project is designed to provide gender-sensitive accommodation and working conditions for women peacekeepers from the Ghanaian battalion. It will also enable UNIFIL to attain gender parity and equality.

This camp improvement project will follow guidelines and recommendations from the Department of Operational Support’s new gender-responsive conceptual peacekeeping camp and accommodation designs created through the Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations, funded by Canada – designed to improve working and living conditions for women peacekeepers.

Outcomes of this  project will include:

  • Provision of improved working conditions for uniformed women peacekeepers
  • Increased deployment of women peacekeepers from the Ghana Armed Forces

The project will also showcase to other UN missions—as well as other regional peacekeeping missions, the types of projects that can be undertaken to encourage Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCC) to  increase the number of uniformed women peacekeepers they deploy, especially when in close cooperation with a T/PCC who is fully committed to deploying more women peacekeepers into UN peace operations.

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