Project Description:

In 2020, Zambia participated in the DCAF Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) pilot program, resulting in a report that identified good practices and areas for improvement within the ZPS.

With a current strength of 20,285 officers, 29.6% of whom are women, the ZPS aims to increase the deployment of women peacekeepers from its current level of 5 (20%) as per October 31st, 2023. This aligns with Zambia’s National Constitution and gender policies, which call for 50% representation of women in all public and private bodies. The ZPS is seeking funding through the Enhanced Integrated Framework to support this goal of increasing women’s participation in UN peace operations.

This project will focus on three sets of activities:

  • Construction of a women’s accommodation and daycare facility in the ZPS National Peacekeeping Training Center;
  • Strengthening the UN/AU Peace Support Operations (PSO) office through the establishment of a focal point network;
  • Reinforcing the ZPS gender policy framework through the development of an Anti- Sexual harassment, Exploitation and Abuse Policy and gender-awareness training for Senior leaders.

This project contributes to the following EIF outcomes:

  • Primary: EIF Outcome 3 – Increased pool of uniform women eligible to deploy as United Nations peacekeepers;
  • Secondary: EIF Outcome 1 – Expanded country specific knowledge of barriers to deployment of women peacekeepers to United Nations peace operations;
  • Secondary: EIF Outcome 2 – Increased meaningful deployment of uniform women peacekeepers to United Nations peace operations.

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