The EIF can consider proposals for three different types of activities: 

  1. Barrier assessment – to identify the main factors impeding the deployment of uniformed women peacekeepers to United Nations missions, using either the DCAF Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations – MOWIP methodology, or a credible barrier assessment based on the minimum requirements detailed in Appendix 1 to the EIF Terms of Reference.
  2. Projects aimed at increasing the meaningful participation of uniformed women peacekeepers in United Nations missions, and which must be supported by a barrier assessment report and recommendations
  3. A premium for the deployment of a gender-strong unit (GSU), which is a military or police unit that includes substantial representation of women overall and in positions of authority, has provided gender-equity training to all unit members, and has adequate material to ensure parity of deployment conditions for women and men peacekeepers. 

Consideration can also be given to funding a combination of these activities for Troop and Police Contributing Countries.

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