Programming Rounds

First Programming Round​

The first programming round commenced with a Technical Briefing and Q&A session conducted jointly by United Nations Department of Peace Operations (UN DPO), UN Women, Global Affairs Canada and DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance for all Member States on the 9th of July 2019, with Letters of Interest (LOIs) due to the Elsie Initiative Fund Secretariat by the 1st of October 2019. The response to the Elsie Initiative Fund’s first call for LOI was overwhelmingly positive with a total of 36 LOIs received from:​

  • 18 Troop and/or Police Contributing Countries (T/PCC) including ten African T/PCCs, three Asian T/PCCs, four Latin American T/PCCs, and one Middle Eastern T/PCC, with several countries submitting more than one LOI
  • four UN organizations including the UN DPO, UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and two Permanent Missions to the United Nations​.

LOI and Project proposals were wide ranging and ambitious:​

  • several sought to construct Peacekeeping Training centers and female accommodation facilities
  • approximately half sought to conduct a range of pre-deployment training activities including language training, computer and IT training, driving skills, and training on gender and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA)
  • several sought funding to purchase left hand vehicles to train women, as well as a range of proposals including advocacy for women’s participation, and education and recruitment campaigns focusing on women
  • ranged between US $200 K and US $1 M​.

The Steering Committee convened on the 27th November 2019 and agreed to invite the following six T/PCCs and one UN organization, to develop a detailed submission (two T/PCCs submitted two proposals) for technical review by early April 2020: 

  • Jordan – Gendarmerie
  • Nepal – Army
  • Bangladesh – Police and Armed Forces
  • Senegal – Gendarmerie and Police
  • Togo – Military
  • Niger – Security and Defence Forces

The Steering Committee also agreed to a total allocation of up to US $8-12 M for the first programming round, with:​

  • US $4-6 M for these nine LOIs to be developed into detailed proposals, and ​
  • a further US $4-6 M for the remaining T/PCC applicants to conduct a Barrier Assessment.​

Second Programming Round​

The Elsie Initiative Fund’s Secretariat anticipates launching the second programming round in April 2021, with a third round likely to be announced early 2022. ​The launch of the second programming round will follow consultation with the Steering Committee. ​

Calls for Letters of Interest will be accompanied by additional resource mobilization efforts by the Secretariat and Steering Committee members.​

2020 Key Events on Women Peace and Security

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