The source for all data displayed in the Gender Statistics pages is the DPO Peacekeeping Master Open Dataset as of December 2020: https://peacekeeping.un.org/en/peacekeeping-master-open-datasets”.

What gets counted counts. Keeping track of the numbers of uniformed women deployed on UN peace operations is important for accountability. Establishing a base line against which to measure progress is also important. Provision of and access to accurate baseline data that is sex-disaggregated enables the systematic and structured analysis of trends within an organization or security institution. 

The gender statistics pages trace the progress made on the deployment of women in the military and police in United Nations peacekeeping. Click on the graphs to explore the number of deployed women by each T/PCC against the annual gender targets of the DPO Uniformed Gender Parity Strategy 2018 to 2028. 


Military Observers (MO) and Staff Officers (SO)



Formed Police Unit (FPU)

Individual Police Officers (IPO)