The Elsie Initiative Fund

Designed and established with the support of the broader Canadian Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations, Member States, the UN system and peacekeeping experts, the Elsie Initiative Fund is an important step in encouraging and funding innovation to accelerate the pace of change in security institutions and to enable more uniformed women to meaningfully deploy to and participate in peace operations. ​

The Elsie Initiative Fund

It seeks to accelerate progress towards achieving the United Nations Security Council’s declared target of doubling the rate of women’s participation within police and military contingents by 2020 compared to 2015.


The Elsie Initiative Fund’s structure is detailed in the Elsie Initiative Fund’s Terms of Reference (TOR) 2019-2024 (renewable) available in English, Français and Español.

UN Strategies

Between 2007 and 2017, the number of uniformed female peacekeepers remained very low; the pace of change was also very slow:
% of female military peacekeepers grew from 2% to 4.9%
% of female police peacekeepers grew from 8% to 15%.

Who is ‘Elsie’?

Elizabeth ‘Elsie’ Muriel Gregory MacGill, Order of Canada (O.C.), was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1905 and was diagnosed with polio in her 20s.