Elsie Initiative Fund Documents

Elsie Initiative Fund Key Documents LanguageDate
EIF Communications and Outreach Strategy 2023
The Strategy aims to enhance the visibility of the EIF’s work and ensure consistency and coherence of communications materials. It supports the EIF in reaching its strategic objectives.
EnglishFebruary 2023
EIF – Terms of Reference (TOR) – Extended
The TOR established the EIF as a Multi Partner Trust Fund; 14 March 2019 – 31 December 2025, renewable.
EnglishFrançaisEspañol23 March 2023
EIF Standard Administrative Agreement (SAA)
Legal agreement between EIF Donors and the Administrative Agent – United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Multi-partner Trust Fund Office (MPTFO).
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Legal agreement signed between the Recipient National Government and the MPTFO.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Legal agreement signed between a United Nations National Participating Organisation and the MPTFO.
EIF Operations Manual Version 1.0
Describes the governance structure and the operating principles, guidelines, and procedures for the day-to-day operations of the EIF.
English21 October 2022
EIF Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 1.0
Describes how the EIF will measure, monitor and evaluate progress by the EIF and Fund recipients, to track the overall advancement of the EIF and how it contributes to wider efforts made by the United Nations and the Elsie Initiative.
English21 October 2022
Application guidelines and resources LanguageDate
EIF – One-pager flierEnglishFrançaisEspañolJanuary 2020
EIF – Flexible Project Funding Budget TemplateEnglish FrançaisJanuary 2021
EIF – MOWIP Barrier Assessment Budget TemplateEnglish FrançaisJanuary 2021
EIF – Budget Template ExplainerEnglishFrançaisSeptember 2021
EIF MOWIP Review – Emerging practices, challenges, and recommendationsEnglish Français2 Dec 2022