International Peace Institute

Issue PapersVersionLast Update
“Gender-Responsive Leadership in UN Peace Operations: The Path to a Transformative Approach?” by Sarah SmithEnglishJune 2022
“Perceptions and Lived Realities of Women Police Officers in UN Peace Operations” by Liezelle KumaloEnglishJune 2022
“Uniformed Women in Peace Operations: Challenging Assumptions and Transforming Approaches” by Gretchen Baldwin and Sarah TaylorEnglishJune 2022
“Women, Peace, and Security Mandates for UN Peacekeeping Operations: Assessing Influence and Impact” by Lisa SharlandEnglishJune 2022
Policy BriefVersionLast Update
“Blue on Blue: Investigating Sexual Abuse of Peacekeepers” by Phoebe Donnelly, Dyan Mazurana and Evyn PapworthEnglishJune 2022
“From Female Engagement Teams to Engagement Platoons: The Evolution of Gendered Community Engagement in UN Peace Operation” by Gretchen BaldwinEnglish – FrançaisJune 2022
“Small Changes, Big Impacts: WPS Achievements in Contingent Owned Equipment Manual Negotiations” by Phoebe DonnellyEnglishApril 2023
“Woman First, Soldier Second: Taboos and Stigmas Facing Military Women in UN Peace Operations” by Lotte VermeijEnglish – FrançaisJune 2022