“More women in peacekeeping simply makes peacekeeping more effective”
Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations

The Elsie Initiative Fund for Uniformed Women in Peace Operations, supported by the broader Canadian Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations, was inaugurated in March 2019. It is a crucial tool aimed at increasing the deployment of women in uniform in military and police roles within UN Peace Operations.

The Fund provides financial support for various projects, such as barrier assessment and the Gender Strong Unit (GSU) premium, designed to foster change in security institutions and enable more women to partake in Peace Operations. The first call for Letters of Interest (LOI) in June 2019 received a positive response with 36 LOIs from 18 countries and four UN organizations.

In 2019, the Fund was able to raise US$14.2 M in contributions and US$5.3 M in pledges, allowing for the approval and allocation of US$8-12 M for detailed project submissions and barrier assessments.

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